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Believe you can be successful, just like our recipients

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USG STUDENT VOICES – We asked, they answered

You’re thinking about applying for grants and scholarships to help you with the costs of uni, TAFE or training, BUT you’re yet start the application forms… Don’t let doubt stop you! BE COURAGEOUS! To help you get you through the hardest part – starting and clicking submit – we asked our current recipients: “What gave you the courage to apply?” We hope this give you the extra encouragement you need.

  • “My mum suggested I apply, as well as other friends who have been through the process before. The process gave me confidence in writing applications and sitting through an interview.” – Rachel
  • “I thought that it is worth a shot to apply for the grant, I had nothing to lose as I was also applying for other scholarships.” – Leah
  • “I applied knowing how motivated I am to go to university, and that was enough courage and motivation for me.” – Emily
  • “I heard about the CEF within my local community and realised it was something I wanted to be a part of. I soon realised that this community of people worked extremely hard in order to provide individuals with funds that would assist them with further education. I applied because I knew the assistance, if granted, would take a burden off myself and my family. Not only this, but I felt I was a good candidate for the CEF as my future aspirations include educating, mentoring and providing for rural and remote students throughout NSW.” – Lily
  • “My high school careers advisor recommended this scholarship. I would recommend applying for scholarships as once you have completed one application, you can generally adapt it to multiple scholarships.” – Campbell
  • “Self-motivation. I just went in with the mindset that the worst thing that could happen is they don’t give you a grant at all, and that would be the exact same if I didn’t even try for it, so I may as well.” – Keely
  • “I believed that the Country Education Foundation cared about their country kids and I took a chance. I believed that if they took a chance on me, I would have people backing me my whole way through my degree and eventually even into my career and this has motivated me to stay committed to my future.” – Chloe
  • “I found the courage to apply realising it’s OK to want help and ask for it. Many students believe they won’t qualify or even deserve such help but after going through the application process it made me realise everyone must start somewhere, and a little help goes a long way.” – Brittnee
  • “I was encouraged to apply by other members of my community who were aware of the support available from the CEF. I think knowing that the organisation genuinely cared about the recipients gave me an extra ounce of courage to apply.” – Hannah
  • “I applied for this grant previously and was rejected, so it was only until I was encouraged to apply again by one of the members of committee that I filled out the application. The process of this was straight forward and easy to access and complete.” – Jamee
  • “My careers advisor introduced me to the idea and let me know applications were open, so I had a look online and I realised this was right up my alley. I’d applied for scholarships before, which helped me a lot with what to expect.” – Kelly

Good luck with your search and applications!


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