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How else do you pay for uni?

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USG STUDENT VOICES – We asked, they answered

You have asked a question of us and we wanted to deliver. So, we went out and asked hundreds of our first-year recipients: “How else do you help pay for your expenses?” These are 10 of their answers. We hope they’re helpful.

  • “Prior to university, I worked at a bakery for five years where I put away money into a savings account that would be able to assist me when leaving home. When I finished my HSC I worked two jobs between five to six days a week where I continued to save money which would again go towards the costs of university. Now I am living off this savings money, with assistance from Centrelink Youth Allowance.” – Lily
  • “Over the summer break I work for Graincorp. This harvest work covers my uni costs outside of what the CEF grant and my Teach Rural Scholarship cannot cover.” – Chelsea
  • “I work with the uni in a facilitator role to help my peers achieve their best possible marks. I also receive Youth Allowance through Centrelink.” – Roseanna
  • “I do closing shifts outside of business hours (5-10pm) as this works well around my uni schedule and still allows me to work 20+ hours a week without it interfering with my studies.” – Charles

  • “I have a casual job at the local footy club that helps me get through the basics week to week, other than that I have a full-time job during harvest time at Graincorp which the major contributor is to getting me through the year. The grant from CEF helps to ease the financial burden in these situations.” – Emma
  • “Working in the summer holidays is probably the best way to earn money and it also is great to put on your resume. Temporary full-time work will generally mean you get given more responsibility and higher earnings than part time.” – Campbell
  • “I have casual employment that is very flexible around my studies. Each semester I send them a copy of my timetable and placement dates. They are great and understand that during semester I only want just a few shifts to allow me time to study and socialise.” – Tayla
  • “I work three jobs: I coach sport using networks and skills I developed prior to leaving high school, and I have two other casual jobs in hospitality industry that I tailor around my uni timetable and study needs.” – Kelly
  • “I work two jobs. Due to the heavy workload during semesters I cannot work so I rely on bulk work in the summer and use hard saving techniques to get me through the times where I can’t work.” – Alyssa
  • “I work part-time on weekends and also receive payments from Centrelink for studying full-time. I also budget a lot, to keep control of my money and life expenses.” – Emily


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