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CEF helps country students thrive at university

By February 19, 2020No Comments

Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) looks forward to improving rural and regional university student retention rates through the provision of free online resources in the 2020 CEF University Survival Guide.

The CEF University Survival Guide is made available thanks to the support of principal partner Southern Cross University.

CEF CEO Juliet Petersen is proud of the guide’s historical reception with first year students and their support networks, saying country students are serious about attaining a further education.

The guide is full of CEF alumni advice to first year university students to help them make the most of their valuable further education and the services available to support them on their education journey.

“Starting university is a challenge for anyone. But when you add leaving home for the first time after finishing the higher schools certificate (HSC), having to set up and manage multiple priorities and finding part-time work, it becomes a huge transition for many rural and regional students. That’s where our guide can assist by offering simple advice and tips from students who have been before them,” Mrs Petersen said.

“We cover the usual things like study tips and student discounts through to budgeting and finance, living out of home advice as well as maintaining a healthy life balance.”

CEF-supported Bachelor of Nursing second year Southern Cross University student, Abby Loiterton said first year university was a massive learning curve for her; feeling so foreign eight hours from her home. But, she’s so happy to have made the leap.

“Moving away from home for study was a huge challenge for me. In considering studying nursing, I was apprehensive about the distance between my home in Lightning Ridge to Southern Cross University Coffs Harbour campus,” she said.

“In my first year I’ve made a lot of friends and found living on res to be very comfortable and helpful. I found a study and time management plan that personally meant that I could balance uni, part-time work with still having a life and wellbeing.”

“I’m studying nursing because I hope to return to Lightning Ridge and help my home community as there is a severe lack of services in this rural, remote community. I look forward to being able to do that and then work in rural Australia to help out where there’s great need.”

Southern Cross University Vice President of Engagement Ben Roche said the university was proud to support resources that helped rural and regional students successfully transition to tertiary education.

“Starting the journey to university can be both daunting and exhilarating, and this guide is a great tool to support students in making those first steps on a path to further learning and achievement. Southern Cross University knows the importance of all Australians having access to a quality tertiary education and the more we help young Australians pursue their dreams of education and research the more Australian communities benefit at a local and national level,” Mr Roche said.

The University Survival Guide is available on the CEF website at: