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What did you learn from the application process?

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USG STUDENT VOICES – We asked, they answered

It may seem like a boring question, but for many of our applicants – successful or not – the lessons that come from the process are useful skills they’ll take with them for a long time to come.

  • “The process gave me confidence in writing applications and sitting through an interview. I learnt that it is easiest to be yourself in an interview and to let the interviewers see your true personality.” – Rachel
  • “With the CEF application process I learned that it is a two-way street. In order to keep the grant you have to manage your time and work really hard at uni to maintain reasonable grades to show CEF that you’re making a good go of it at university.” – Leah
  • “I became a more confident person through the application process, realising I’m capable of anything I put my mind too.” – Emily
  • “Through expressing and discussing my aspirations throughout the application process, it further motivated me to achieve my personal goals.” – Lily

  • “I learned valuable interviewing skills, like what sort of questions to expect and how to sell yourself and build rapport from the application process.” – Charles
  • “It may take a few hours to complete an application, but it is definitely worth it.” – Campbell
  • “Throughout the application process I became increasingly aware of the interest the CEF had in every country kid taking the leap into tertiary studies.” – Hannah
  • “It taught me good professional skills I will need when applying for a job and the interview process helped with this particularly.” – Alyssa

  • “The application process has given me the courage to know I have the ability to apply for other scholarships too.” – Molly
  • “I learnt how important it is to put myself out there to new opportunities as they may benefit me greatly.” – Gemma
  • “I did learn one thing in particular where I found it very hard to talk about myself and describe what I’m good at or how I was different to someone else and that was something that was surprising.” – Brendan
  • “During the application process I was interviewed by a board of four people, which helped a lot with my interviewing/communication skills and after all went well I knew that I could easily do it again in the future. The application process is all about self-reflection.” – Morgan


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