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For most of us, aerospace engineering is only for the movies. But for Gunnedah’s Clayton Small, the sky is no limit.
Now into the second year of his degree at the University of New South Wales and despite some initial apprehension about university life, Clayton is thriving socially and academically.

With an incredible distinction average in an extremely challenging degree and a love of involvement in his university societies, Clayton is aware of the need and importance of balance in life – a lesson it takes many of us years to learn.

Clayton is excited to continue to pursue his dreams in 2019 and is grateful for the support he receives from his local Country Education Foundation of Gunnedah and for the national $3,800 scholarship he was awarded from the James N. Kirby Foundation and Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF). He says that this financial assistance means he worries less about his finances and concentrates more on his studies.

CEF’s Partnerships and Committee Liaison Juliet Petersen says: “We are so proud to be able to assist a student like Clayton. Someone who is driven and passionate and has so much to contribute on a larger scale but may be hindered by financial constraints and geographical distance.”

With a passion for cutting edge engineering and a desire to push the boundaries in his field, Clayton hopes to one day work in research and development for the military or in a commercial setting to contribute to advancements in the aerospace industry.

“Since I was young, I’ve always strived to learn more about the world. I am very grateful for the support I have received from CEF which has allowed me to pursue my aspirations of becoming a successful engineer,” he said.

Juliet sums it up perfectly: “It is students like Clayton who illustrate just how much a young person from the bush can achieve with a little financial help and a lot of community support.”


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