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Education leading the way to cure or containment of COVID-19

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Living with COVID-19 is already a difficult situation. It’s nothing like most of us have experienced in this modern world. It’s stressful and weird and provides daily unknowns.

As a global community, as a country and here together in regional and rural Australia, we realise the economic and social waves of this worldwide pandemic will have substantial impacts on us after on top of those from bushfires and drought-affected rural and regional Australia.

  • What can we do?
  • Are we at a less susceptible rate in the country than our city counterparts?

There are a lot of questions, many with no answer.


CEF student advice: Inspirational advice in these stressful, anxious times 

CEF doing its part to flatten the curve, still support education access


What is refreshing however is seeing a return on investment in further education. University research is leading the way for developments on how to combat the spread and possible cure of COVID-19 in Australia.

The University of Sydney modelling shows Coronavirus can be controlled if 8 out of 10 Australians stay home. It suggests the virus spread could be contained in approximately 13 weeks.


Source: ABC News


Further, University of Queensland researchers are beginning clinical trials for potential treatment of COVID-19, using two existing drugs.

UQ Centre for Clinical Research Director and Consultant Infectious Diseases Physician at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Professor David Paterson said the drugs proved highly effective when first used against the virus in test tubes.

“We’re now ready to begin patient trials with the drugs, one of which is an HIV medication and the other an anti-malaria drug,” Professor Paterson said.

Prior to the clinical trials going ahead, the medications were given to some of the first patients in Australia infected with COVID-19, and all have completely recovered without any trace of the virus left in their system.

“However, we know that most people with COVID-19 recover completely, thanks to their immune system, so random anecdotal experiences of some people need to be replaced by rigorous clinical trials.”

Professor Paterson said the researchers are on the verge of starting a large clinical trial involving 60 hospitals across Australia to determine the best way to use the drugs. Read more

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has asked for urgent briefings – even before peer review, given the gravity of COVID-19 and its impact.


Ensuring access to education for students with the ability and belief in their academic gift and its benefit our community – be that local, national, international – is essential.

These uncertain times are an example of when education is at its most useful.

As an apolitical not for profit, Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) is proud to ensure access and build aspiration.

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CEF’s young scientist leading the way: Lee Constable


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