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It’s not just about money!

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We asked, they answered

What’s the most valuable thing about receiving a grant or scholarship?

This question has an obvious answer: money. But most of the time for our recipients it’s about so much more. Find out some of the things they value most from the experience of being a CEF recipient.

  • “There is so much less to stress about finances and you know that you have the support of CEF when you really need it most. I am able to complete my studies knowing that I have the grant, and when times get tough knowing this motivates me.” – Morgan
  • “It has helped me focus more on getting settled in Sydney and get into a study routine, without having the added pressure of worrying about how to pay for rent and other costs of living away from home. The grant from CEF definitely helped me stick it out in Sydney!” – Leah
  • “The most valuable thing about receiving a scholarship was that I realised, there are people out there who want to support me and will guide me as I make a massive move into higher education.” – Emily
  • “Receiving a grant or scholarship removes a massive burden for not only myself but my whole family. In receiving such generosity from the CEF and my University, I found I was able to take time off working throughout my first year. This not only provide me with more time to focus on my degree but allowed me to settle into a completely new lifestyle away from home where there is an increase in independence and responsibly.” – Lily

  • “The most valuable thing is knowing that my community is behind me. That the community places trust in their young adults in achieving their dreams. This is so valuable to me knowing that support is right behind me.” – Emma
  • “It’s honestly such a blessing. It eased my stress so much and I believe had such a deep impact on my studies.” – Maggie
  • “The most valuable thing about receiving a grant is being able to appreciate the help and use this as motivation to continue my studies. Knowing there are many small business and larger businesses in the area which are willing to support me and many other students to achieve our dreams is extremely motivating. knowing they can contribute even with their commitments to running a business and looking after their families gives me a reason to study hard and contribute back to the community when I’m finished my studies.” – Brittnee
  • “Knowing that your community is supporting you 100% is an extremely comforting and rewarding feeling.
    The support I’ve received from the CEF provides further encouragement to accomplish great things at university and beyond.” – Hannah

  • “I was required to purchase a nursing uniform, paramedic uniform, a lab coat and a stethoscope. These uniforms are very expensive, so it is reassuring to know that I can afford these. Also, my laptop was slowing down and becoming hard to use, the grant allowed to me to purchase a new one which I could never have done on my own.” – Jamee
  • “I would have the say the financial support from a scholarship or grant is just amazing, it’s such a relief to not have to stress about money. But with CEF I’m also offered emotional support when I need it, particularly encouragement, which I find especially supportive because it’s coming from someone other than your family and friends.” – Tayla
  • “Receiving a grant allows you to take more time to focus on your studies, rather than solely relying on your working income that comes from giving up valuable study and leisure time. It provides security and reduces the impact of those #adulting blues.” – Kelly
  • “My local CEF are always checking up on me and offering support which is something I really value.” – Melissa


Not convinced yet? Go check out the selection criteria for applying for a CEF grant or scholarship.


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