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Isabel sees value in CEF’s wider community impact

By April 14, 2020No Comments

Isabel Gahan was supported with a grant from CEF Young and is in her third year of a double degree in law and international relations at The Australian National University in Canberra. Isabel talks to us about her ever-growing career options.

“Coming from country NSW to one of Australia’s most prestigious and international universities has expanded my worldview academically, socially and culturally. My studies have challenged me to think critically about our nation’s current state of affairs, domestically and internationally and I hope to undertake an overseas study exchange as I progress further within my degree.

“There is a common misconception that law students will inevitably become lawyers. In reality, given the scope and flexibility of my degree, career opportunities are diverse and range anywhere from the practice of law to the public service, to foreign affairs and the defence force. As I am barely halfway through my degree, my career ambitions are ever-changing as I discover new areas that interest me.”

Since commencing my studies, my world has unfolded in many different ways.

Being selected as a student leader within her residential hall is another university highlight and allows Isabel to recreate the community spirit from home. “As a Senior Resident I undertake a pastoral care role and seek to create cultural and community cohesion by organising events and engaging with other students. Although demanding, it has been thoroughly rewarding to assist other students, particularly first years, in their transition to university.”

Isabel is a proud advocate of what can come from supporting the aspirations of young country students and sees values in CEF’s wider community impact.

“Growing up in a rural area certainly has its perks. We’re lucky enough to experience our sunburnt country in ways most people in metropolitan areas never will. However, when it comes to accessing tertiary education, sweeping plains, ragged mountain ranges, droughts and flooding rains make the journey difficult. Fundamentally, tertiary education is less accessible for students in regional areas owing to financial hardship and distance from universities.

“By donating to CEF, we can make a significant difference to students who otherwise wouldn’t have been given the chance and invest in our nation’s future generations.”


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